This Indicator Set is Still Intact for Risk ‘On’ Trades

There are a lot of failing leadership signals and the market’s got bad breadth, but this one persistent signal just has not given up the ghost. Junk bonds and Junk to Quality Bond ratios have consistently guided the markets higher in the casino that Bernanke built. As of now they’re all intact to trends. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $33.50 or a 14% … Continue reading This Indicator Set is Still Intact for Risk ‘On’ Trades

up in smoke

Potheads Sell the News

Canada went full frontally legal last Wednesday and the day before they ramped the Pot sector and began dumping it into the news. They are still selling it. I dwelled a bit with CVSI before selling it on Friday because its chart had held up nicely. But as the sector began groaning I had to make a decision, and it was not a particularly easy … Continue reading Potheads Sell the News


A well thought out piece by‘s newest author, Trey Reik. Brinkmanship This senior portfolio manager at Sprott obviously does not need me to inform his well presented analysis, but if you read his work you will see why I am proud to have him aboard as an NFTRH subscriber. Check out the article at the rapidly improving Biiwii. Continuous improvement does not only apply … Continue reading Brinkmanship

Yet Another Case for the Long Bond

In this post Steve Saville shows the long-term correlation between the 30yr bond and the Gold/Commodities ratio. Revisiting the Age-Old Relationship Between Interest Rates and Prices Almost as if Steve’s ears were burning (after my post tapping the breaks on the bond bear case) he offers up more reason not to be a full bore bond bear just yet. It has to do with the very … Continue reading Yet Another Case for the Long Bond