Not to Be Outdone By CVSI in the Spec Olympics, TRXC on Track Too

This is a post about two stocks that are much different than the mature companies noted in the previous post. These are very immature (read: speculative) companies that could bring great pleasure if they succeed and as with any speculative stock, great pain if they don’t.

I spent some posting time over the last few days on a really remarkable series of events. First I laid bare my sad (and greedy) feelings as CVSI rocket launched away from me after taking only an 85% profit. Then later that day I found the stock had apparently answered my wishes and been crashed by momos. But it turned out it was none other than Citron doing its thing. I got freaked out seeing the name Jonnie Williams as the inventor, but I got over it after my guy Fred affirmed his research and assured me Jonnie is long gone. I bought the thing on the opening tank job the next day. And now 2 trading days later, this…


The total gain is again what I lamented to have sold a couple days ago. This time I am holding even though I know it will not be this easy. No way. Anyway, after all that it’s at a duplicate 85% profit and around the area that had me moaning about missing out before it got Citroned. A wild week.

And then there is old friend TRXC, first highlighted here on June 1, but in NFTRH since I bought it in late 2017 and added to it down in the pits in early 2018. While I had a few screw ups along the way (not trimming at optimal points and a weird adventure with a few protective puts that did not work well) all shares sold thus far were at great profit and the remaining shares, which I hold tightly now that the overgrown position is normalized are doing well at 260%.

TRXC has reclaimed the SMA 50… blah blah blah. I don’t really care what it does because like its Amigo above, it is ideally a long-term thing. A company that I think can one day bring great growth (although price activity is busily discounting some of that growth, as with CVSI above).


Each of these had a good day today as did the balance of the portfolio. These two are not representative of the portfolios, which are balanced and in line with currency and interest rate dynamics to the best of my ability. But there is room for the speculative growth stuff for sure. I have never been a great momo guy, but I have Fred’s research on Thing 1 and my own on Thing 2 to help me see a bigger picture.

As always, we’ll see how they turn out. Neither of these are a reco of any kind because I certainly would not be buying them now. I like bottom feeding, ideally, which is why I thought I’d had to say bye bye to CVSI.

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