CVSI: The Beating Resumes

Look, the Pot (and related) space is filled with nubile investors; young ladies (and dudes) suitable for marriage to a good stock story. In my cursory checks that is what a lot of CVSI’s investors are too; story chasers. Same with the whole Pot sector.

I can be a story chaser too sometimes, but I try not to be a stock chaser (although I chased one chart ‘bottom feed’ item in a traditional sector just a bit this morning). Anyway, from a previous post on CVSI (and the Trade Log)…

8.21.18: “Buy back some CVSI on opening tank. Room to add if they kill it more. Word from Fred very different than Citron view.”

My profit on these shares is down to 36% as of this writing. It could be an add area if this all proves to be unfounded, as expected. But I am not adding. Due to my conservative nature I am happy to see the portfolio not getting hurt overall due to today’s 17% dope hammering of CVSI. I think I will just sit on my butt as a portfolio manager. I am way too old for the nubiles who are playing in the sector and letting individual positions get out-sized.

Anyway, now some ambulance chaser is rounding up a class for legal action against CV Sciences because Citron crashed the stock. They actually mention that as a prime part of their case. UN-effing-believable. So far, it’s a normal and violent consolidation of the up and downside hype. I told ya it was gonna get bumpy.


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