7-10yr Treasury Fund Breakout & 10yr Note’s Recent Journey

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With reference to the previous post, here is the chart I was originally looking for.

Today IEF is making a move above the neckline. Why is this important? Well, it may not be very important to many casino patrons but it is important to macro dorks like me. Bonds are at the center of basically everything, because yields and the debt they mark up or down are at the center of everything.

So if this is a good pattern and long-term Treasury bonds continue higher despite the media and its proclaimed experts having pounded “BOND BEAR” into our fragile psyches right at the lows, we will need to operate differently than if said media and its experts had been right in any sort of functional time frame (I think they will be right one day, but we are well over a half year down the road from when the bear campaign began; so throw the “functional” part right out the window).


In looking through the list I also found a funny chart of the 10yr Note. The media were hyping NIRP at the top, and hyping ‘RIP Bond Bull 1’ at the ensuing crash bottom. Not much of anything that I can recall was being promoted at the ‘B’ recovery, but the bond bear trio of Gross, Dalio and Tudor Jones (w/ a side of Gundlach) was put forth at the ‘C’ low this year ‘RIP Bond Bull 2′.

I am not trying to act like the smartest kid in class. I am not now and never was. But I am trying to act like the guy who keeps asking you to tune the friggin’ media, analytical self-promoters and cartoons out.

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