Regarding Public/Private Content

Losing some site follows would not be unexpected because due to a new format of posting NFTRH updates (where I no longer go through a manual email routine) that allows me to do more frequent work, the density of private vs. public posts has increased. It’s now a breeze for me to create actionable content – both with the macro markets and individual stock situations – for subscribers. That is, after all, my main job, eh?

I plan to have plenty of free content as well that I think you, dear public reader will find helpful, but this is a place of business and I take it very seriously. The blogosphere is filled with opinions, including mine. But work is work and blogging is blogging. Two different things.

But I understand if you don’t wish to remain subscribed to the site, expecting free content and getting a heavy dose of locked content. But there is another alternative; you can go over to that button over there on the right side bar, click it and join the best damned market service of its kind. I dunno, it kind of makes sense to me. :-)

“I want you to know that in my opinion – and based on my needs – the fine tuning of your reports and mid-week updates have been great and certainly have meat on them. I find the real time updates the most helpful of all that great stuff you put out.”  –WN  5.15.18

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