NFTRH 500 Out Now

nftrh 500500 times I’ve written these ‘out now’ promos. 500 x 5000 words (est.) per report = 2.5 million words, not including updates.

From humble beginnings during the acute phase of Armageddon ’08 (official launch was the 1st week of October that year) when the primary focus was on the massive buying opportunity in gold stocks (as panic spread and fundamentals screamed higher amid a liquidity crisis) to today’s more lumbering macro environment, NFTRH has adapted, improved and expanded its menu of services to cover all the major areas (outside of specialties like options, futures, day trading, etc.).

Most recently, I am enjoying stock picking, of all things. They don’t all work but the ones that are working are dwarfing the clunkers and that’s all we can ask. The best part is that while the gold sector is not yet ready, the day that it will be ready is still out there. Who knows, maybe that will be when blood is in the streets ala Q4 2008. To this day I have still have never had another such massive opportunity. *

Anyway, 2.5 million words is enough. Don’t want to start adding substantially to it in a simple promo. NFTRH 500 is out now and it will help your investing and market management should you decide to finally take the leap. Don’t wait another 500 weeks. ;-)

* Of course that is because I failed to go ‘all in’ on my bullish stock market view (let’s be real here).

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