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We begin with this Admin note and don’t look back over 69 pages of market intelligence that I found extremely helpful this week. As noted previously, doing the work like this gives me a fine tuning like no other each weekend. This weekend a few things really came to the surface.

Admin Note

After some email issues – which were the result of not partitioning the subscriber list into smaller chunks – we have a new format, bringing with it positives and a negative.

First the negative, which was summed up in a response from a subscriber (the only negative one I received, actually) who advises that he very much values the service but that the new format is very inconvenient for him because he is a busy professional and wishes to read updates – one of the main reasons he subscribes to NFTRH – by email on his hand held device, on the go without the need to open a web browser.

I completely understand his frustration and realize that I am asking subscribers to take on some inconvenience, but this leads directly to what I consider a positive new revelation.

Over the years (we’re going on 10!) as I would routinely write and post updates at the website, announce them on Twitter, open up an email account, copy the post from the website and paste it to the email along with a written intro, I was subconsciously de-incentivizing myself to do all I could do, update-wise.

The revelation is how free and easy I feel just doing an update at the site when I feel something is relevant and keeping it locked, for subscribers only without dragging the laborious routine around like a ball and chain. The markets move fast, our human brains move even faster and in posting the damn thing once and moving on I feel much more nimble (and relieved, actually). Last week’s update output is a hint in that direction and it is my sincere hope that the good outweighs the bad for you.

I think that in the past I’d do some public posts that had content that really should have been for subscribers only, but… the routine. Just post it and move on. Well, I happen to believe that some of NFTRH’s public content is better than what some people pay for elsewhere. I hope that doesn’t sound too cocky, but it’s what I believe.

I’d like to be more discriminating in this regard. This is a business, not a public blogging exercise. I’ll continue to offer public readers value but I’ll also have some fun and keep it light. The real nuts and bolts analytical business is going to be reserved for subscribers. A side benefit of my request for subscribers to sign up for all posts, public and private, is that much of the public content will dovetail well with the premium content.

Another thing I ask you to consider is something I’ve mentioned in the past. I personally hate it when analysts, market commentators and general know-it-alls write as if they have something of utmost importance to advise others about. As if their viewpoint of the moment is direct from the market godz instead of the analyst’s own imagination. I hate it when someone talks to me as if they have the surety of an inside scoop.

And guess what, they don’t have an inside scoop – they have an internal narrative of their own making – and when you combine that with the idea that in the financial market realm it is pretty much tradition to speak in definitive terms (i.e. advise the less enlightened of your highly important views) I have always felt that some consumers of that information can be put at great risk.

Look no further than the unquestioning and massive flock that followed the advice of one legendary figure dubbed “Mr. Gold” in the media all through the post 2001 bull market, but also followed him right down the drain after 2011. He spoke with surety and confidence. Confidence… “confidence man”… Con Man.

There are Con Men out there (some know they are Cons and others believe their own bullshit) but there are really good, devoted and hard working analysts too. I strive to be one of those guys. So the final point I am trying to make, which is going well beyond a simple ‘Admin Note’, is that in sending those emails I felt to a degree like some know-it-all advising subscribers about what I felt was important enough for such an effort.

By simply posting at the website I am free to pop more NFTRH+ updates up there, make premium market updates as long or as brief as needed and most importantly, put out more subscriber content without worrying about how to prioritize it (though posts will be marked as low, medium or high priority per my own opinion).

I’ll let you decide what is more or less important to you! Thank you for hearing me out and please know that I do not take lightly any inconvenience that has shifted your way.

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