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Okay, so using Mark at IKN as an example and a guide I am going to try to actually be on Twitter when time allows (ha ha ha, but still… ).

I have been using the platform as something of a dumb, automated tool to put posts from this site and Biiwii out there to a wider public. But it’s funny, I saw a reply to a tweet I made to Mark this morning where I called out “hey Twitter boy…”. He replied ‘Gary “email” Tanashian’ and I immediately felt old, dull and out of touch. His Twitter, which I recommend you follow is @IKN_Mark.

As for me, I would love it if website readers and especially NFTRH subscribers would follow @BiiwiiNFTRH. I’ll try to follow you back as well. Mark has a great idea using it as a place to actually interact.

Anyway, socializing does not come easily for me as I have always been comfortable alone. But this is the friggin’ internet after all and these are the financial markets and well, I think it’s a good idea to be more present. So I am giving it a try. Thank you in advance for your patience through my cumbersome efforts to get situated and figure out how the damn thing works best for me.