Macro Tourist on SOMA, QT & SPX

It’s almost too simple. Check for big Fed Treasury Bond maturity dates and put on your flak jacket if you’re a stock investor. Check this out from Kevin Muir of the Macro Tourist

Pink Tickets on QT Days

I remember checking SOMA in the past, but I don’t remember this level of detail in the New York Fed’s reporting. Maybe I am misremembering that or maybe there was not so good a correlation between bond maturities and the stock market. It’s probably the latter.

Kevin cites the source of his revelation, @Martingalemacro, which I just followed and you might consider as well. You can never have enough geeks out there for reference because no single one of us can keep it all sensibly organized under one roof. While we’re on the subject, another geek, Callum Thomas of Topdown Charts had an article yesterday worth checking out: 8 Free Macro and Market Data Sources.

Here for reference is part of the SOMA schedule with the next big date noted…


Of course, once we all start watching for it it’ll probably stop working. That is often the way of the markets. But file this under ‘more information and resources is better than less’.

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