Control… Fore!

You don’t know how many times I looked at this languishing stock and felt like selling it. But then I thought ‘blah blah blah… internet of things’, ‘blah blah blah… good fundamentals’, ‘blah blah blah… just hold it, it’s gotta turn around sometime, right?’ So a paper loss in Control4 (CTRL) is now a 12% paper gain and I am going to stick with it … Continue reading Control… Fore!

Macro Changes for Gold and Stocks

Since early 2016 we have been carrying forward a theme illustrating that until the macro trends in place since 2011 change, the situation would be as is, stocks trending up and the precious metals in consolidation/correction. The current trends were kicked off symbolically, and functionally to a degree, by the Fed’s concoction of Operation Twist, a plan with the expressed goal of manipulating the macro … Continue reading Macro Changes for Gold and Stocks