“Slaves to Government Paper” & Gold and Silver Supply/Demand Funda

Yes, it is Keith Weiner again, slightly blowing my mind with the way he looks into central banking, debt, the US dollar and gold and silver. Reading a gold analyst like this makes me chuckle about 90% of the “gold analyst” community. I mean, I am no expert either but at least I am the guy parroting “value vs. price” when it comes to gold. Reading Keith Weiner makes me think of carnie barkers and clowns when I think of the greater community.

Check this out and see if you don’t agree. He hits you with some real thought provoking stuff before going on to tell you about the supply/demand based fundamental price of gold (hint: it’s not in the 1300s).

Slaves to Government Debt

The slave cannot escape from his bondage, until he stops thinking of the brute as “Master” with a capital M. Freedom does not come from a little show of resentment. So long as malcontent slaves are content to limit themselves to petty disobedience, the Master is content that his rule is absolute. Freedom first takes an act of thinking. One must see the brute for what he is.

Today’s investor cannot escape from the bondage of the Federal Reserve, until he stops thinking of the dollar as “Money” with a capital M. So long as malcontent investors are content to limit themselves to betting on the dollar-price of gold, the Federal Reserve is content that its rule is absolute. Freedom takes an act of thinking. One must see the dollar for what it is.

The slave must stop using the brute’s whip to tell him what’s good and what’s bad. The investor must stop using the Fed’s credit paper to tell him what’s up and what’s down.


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