Bonds and Related Indicators; From NFTRH 490

This morning’s post highlighting Jim Grant’s bond market/interest rate views (by way of Heisenberg) prompts me to reproduce publicly NFTRH 490‘s short bond segment. I may be known as the guy calling yields to decline but in context I am the guy calling for caution at a potential limit area who has appropriately called for yields to rise and decline all through the bond market’s … Continue reading Bonds and Related Indicators; From NFTRH 490

Inflation, Deflation and Bonds/Yields

Well, Biiwii certainly is busy this morning with burning questions about inflation, deflation and especially the bond market. Charlie Bilello checks in from a practical standpoint (and later will have a post about something I’ve been harping on as well, dividend paying cash is no longer trash)… Inflation, Deflation and Bond Market Returns Heisenberg checks in with the detailed thoughts of none other than Jim … Continue reading Inflation, Deflation and Bonds/Yields