Last Week’s Fed & Trump Distortions Getting Fixed

The market was not going to go down because Powell jawboned interest rates and Trump jawboned trade tariffs. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel to see Friday’s reversal coming. As noted in NFTRH 489, today’s follow-on upside is expected as well as…

Stocks Rise on Speculation Trade Threat Is Easing

I continue to be bullishly aligned, but with portfolio balancing with income paying cash and T bonds, precious metals and a few shorts in less favored sectors.

But the point is that the bears were not going to get what they want on the back of Fed and political hype. So this adjustment is actually a good thing because as stocks rise and the media spin reasons for the rise the distortions that had to come out before the market can show its true intentions, are coming out. This is a good thing.

Separately and very interestingly…

Trump Says He Won’t Back Down After Ryan Breaks With Him on Tariffs

I swear, Trump thinks he’s on a TV show. It’s an alternate reality he lives in.

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