Trump, the NRA and its Reason for Being, the Gun Manufacturers

While looking through Bloomberg for financial news I was instead treated to this. Clicking the headline will yield you the article.

This of course comes after Trump sat there with notes written by a handler about how to respond to these poor kids from Florida who came to the White House to express their concerns about (lack of) gun control.

Trump may be vile, but he’s not stupid. He knows whose votes he’s got. So he sits there in prepared sympathy to the kids’ concerns and then spouts something about arming teachers before expressing praise for the NRA as it heroically fights the evils of government measures on gun control.

LaPierre and the NRA’s chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, are “Great People and Great American Patriots.” He added, “They love our Country and will do the right thing.”

LaPierre criticized Democrats including Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut for “politicizing” the shooting in Parkland. LaPierre said “elites” want to “eradicate all individual freedoms.”

“They want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security, the failure of family, the failure of America’s mental health system, and even the unbelievable failure of the FBI,” LaPierre said.

No stupid, the call is for more rigorous control of who can get guns. The mental health system is heavily burdened and operating at full capacity. It’s as simple as narrowing the conduit and weeding out those who don’t qualify. Despite a little extra inconvenience any god and country loving true blue American would be fine. The government is not coming to get you, chump.

Here’s the disclaimer; I am a gun owner. Here is the other disclosure; I have to renew my license periodically and here in liberal Massachusetts I sometimes wonder whether it will go through. It always has and do you know why? Because I am not mentally ill, I am not a sociopath and I go about my own business like a (relatively) normal citizen… and my background is clear of dangerous issues.

The Gun manufactures’ lobby, AKA the NRA has its constituency brainwashed that somehow owning guns = freedom. I used think Ron Paul was worthy of respect until I saw him parroting on and on about gold like the worst of the bugs but more than that, until I saw that a-hole giving away an AK-47 Assault Rife as a raffle to his Friends of Freedom or whatever they called themselves. Liberty? Freedom? How about lunatics doped up on a fantasy?

As I noted then, you can have your guns, from your pistols to your assault weapons and if the government decides you need to go they are going to mow you down. Not that that’s gonna happen. I used to have a healthy paranoia about the government myself. But you can’t live that way, like a lunatic always on the edge. It’s a promotion to the gun interests and a fantasy to its consumers, this NRA as a friend of freedom thing.

This is the man who made my gun, a Beretta 9mm Semi Automatic. You can read about him and his fellow gun moguls here in this 2016 article from before Trump was elected. Indeed, the gun lobbies were in full force and exerting full power under Obama, which makes sense. Now, they are on easy street.

Anyway, ole’ Ugo Beretta is a member of the NRA’s Golden Circle of Freedom. Just look at this clown, staring you down as if he’d be ready to shoot you the moment you entered his property and tried to take his freedom away. He looks like an old a-hole with a great pitch consumed by millions of Americans.

Newsflash: He does not care about freedom. He cares about profits and perpetuating a myth about freedom and guns in America. Meanwhile, more people get mowed down in a country where it’s easier to buy a gun than to get a driver’s license.