With Respect to the 10yr Bond/Yield

When writing things from a contrarian perspective, like the preceding post discussing a bullish contrary setup for the 10yr bond, I find it helpful to remind readers who was bearish when appropriate. That would be us…

Below is a screen grab from a December 4th post on the subject…

A Favorable Morning for the 3 Amigos of the Macro

This was so long ago I had not even established a formal pecking order for the Amigos (the 10yr yield is now Amigo #2).

Time after time, the noise of a hysteria builds and some people who saw the hysteria before it got built are forgotten as the herds trample everything in sight and the promoters bull horn how right they are in real time, as opposed to having been right ahead of time when the information would have been actionable. In this internet-info realm it’s he who is loudest and most persistent who gets the eyeballs and all too often, sways opinion.

So this post illustrates exactly who was bearish on bonds (bullish on yields) months ago. That gives me license, whether right or wrong on the current thesis going the other way, to unapologetically put out my views now.

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