Trump on the Stock Market… Cue the Crickets

Not to pretend I saw this coming with any precision whatsoever, but NFTRH 484 did note this when the Good Ship Lollypop was still motoring upward a little over week ago…

“The resolution is not going to be a sideways pattern to work off the overbought condition.”

Anyway, after pumping his own approval ratings and the “great Jobs numbers” Trump, the Tweet-o-holic stock pom pom waver has gone silent. He even congratulates the football team that just nuked his pals, Tom, Robert and Bill.


Dear Mr. President… what are we to think of this?

Oh wait, maybe it is just fake news cooked up by the financial elite on Wall Street.

trump tweets

How many unsophisticated Trump followers bought this pig and just kept on buying due to these tweets and the once again greatness of America? This is how many…

Mr. Trump? Any words of encouragement? Maybe tomorrow?


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