When Pigs Fly

When the Pigs fly tends to be when interest rate dynamics say they fly. Rising long-term interest rates, as long as they don’t materially hurt the economy, are beneficial to the banks’ bottom lines. Yesterday we looked at Amigo #2’s lift off and today that has continued amid headlines like these (from Bloomberg)… Here is the daily chart of the Bank ETF I have held … Continue reading When Pigs Fly


NFTRH; Multi-Market Update

What’s this? The color I see in the market futures is not green? What is the meaning of this?!? Here are this morning’s Bloomberg headlines… Broad Markets In sum these headlines are talking about the 3 Amigos, as Gundlach predicts SPX will go down (SPX vs. Gold), long-term interest rates are rising (bonds dropping), and in a microcosm at least, long-term yields are rising relative … Continue reading NFTRH; Multi-Market Update