NFTRH ‘Trade Log’ Working Well So Far

I don’t how many subscribers I’ve either lost or never had the pleasure of serving over the years because of my conservative nature and need not to do as those with bravado do and try to be something greater than a faulty human. In the stock trading racket, you’ve got to have confidence. Same goes for TA oriented chart jockeys. They take patterns or other … Continue reading NFTRH ‘Trade Log’ Working Well So Far

BB Cup & Handle

We had an NFTRH+ update on BB most recently on December 1 (now public) for its bullish Cup & Handle pattern. But the truth is I’ve been holding this thing for a long while, technicals or not, because I think John Chen’s going to get this old device dinosaur turned around as a software/security company. Well today the Handle is breaking but good. The reason … Continue reading BB Cup & Handle

Big Picture Charts Across Several Markets

Time again for a rundown of the big picture macro, beginning with the 3 Amigos. Stocks vs. gold lurks beneath its likely limiter. Party on Garth until such time as this thing either registers or aborts. Nominal long-term yields have perked up with 10yr making a play at the monthly EMA 90 and the 30yr still in its flag. Limiters are 2.9% and 3.3%, respectively. … Continue reading Big Picture Charts Across Several Markets