NFTRH ‘Trade Log’ Working Well So Far

I don’t how many subscribers I’ve either lost or never had the pleasure of serving over the years because of my conservative nature and need not to do as those with bravado do and try to be something greater than a faulty human.

In the stock trading racket, you’ve got to have confidence. Same goes for TA oriented chart jockeys. They take patterns or other signals and direct followers about what to do as if the charts instruct a particular outcome. Dude, it’s a friggin’ chart. I am a charty too. I know this. They do the wrong thing sometimes!

Anyway, over the years people have asked and asked and asked about whether I’d call my trades and I respond with something like ‘I don’t use a model portfolio, it’s my own skin in the game. I show what I hold each week in the report in line with the analysis’. But finally, due to a subscriber’s rational input requesting an informal log of trades as they happen I decided WTF, let’s give it a try.

I talk a lot in the report about what I am doing and why. Now during the week, if anyone cares *, the moves are informally noted in real time for subscribers’ reference. It’s actually going pretty well and those I’ve heard from seem to like it. So, chalk another one up to the continuous improvement for NFTRH that shall never end.

Here are the last few days’ Trade Log activity (available under the NFTRH Premium menu), excluding today.

* And my preference continues to be that they shouldn’t, necessarily.

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