Semi Bullish?

As an email from Bespoke entitled “Cyclical Indicators Soar” hits my inbox, I thought I’d update a cyclical indicator of another kind. You know, the friggin’ cyclical indicator that preceded them all? Why, it’s none other than our Canary in a Coal Mine, the Semi sector and in particular, Semi Equipment. The progression and projection we used back in 2013 was Semi Equipment → Semis … Continue reading Semi Bullish?

Yellen Rides Into the Sunset

From NFTRH 477: Bring on FOMC! Aside from providing a potential exclamation point to the gold sector correction, this week’s (Dec. 13th) rate hike will serve as Janet Yellen’s last policy move. My personal opinion is that she has been the best Fed Chairman in my market-focused experience. She just humbly goes about her business in a measured way, unlike the constantly self-promoting inflator, Greenspan … Continue reading Yellen Rides Into the Sunset