Semi Equipment: Any Questions?

Back on November 21 I noted that MarketWatch was playing the usual mainstream media role of bringing people to the party way too late and indeed, endangering them. They put some dopey fund manager who found “value” P/Es in the Semi Equipment stocks out front pimping “big winners for 2018”.

We on the other hand simply noted the valid fundamental reasons why this may be crack for the masses. I put up charts in that post that showed AMAT & LRCX to be driving ever higher. Way to put the initiated in at the top, MSM. Great job.

Here is what the charts have done since November 21. Look, I don’t put out tip jars or what have you. But I know for a fact that this public service has helped many people over the years, despite my imperfections aplenty. If you were the hypothetical reader of MarketWatch that day and you saw my post, you thought twice and did not buy in.

So no tip jar, but I tell you that 2018 is gonna be interesting as we have our 3 Amigos riding to their destiny. I am seeing the market well (again, with just enough short-term personal screw ups to keep me humble) and I really do recommend that you consider subscribing to NFTRH. It is in my opinion the best, highest quality combination of actionable information and bullshit free analysis out there.

amat, lrcx

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