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We compact #476 all the way down to 58 pages! Don’t laugh, for me lately that’s an achievement. I am trying to pull in some of the far ranging explorations and keep details tight now, and will expand certain segments as needed when actionable.

In general, you don’t need me to tell you it’s bullish out there as this post was right on in the face of Friday’s negative political news hysteria and US stocks bounced back. But then, the Semi sector needs to be watched because it could wave a caution flag if Friday’s bullish Hammer at the SMA 50 (SOX) does not hold. We did note a valid reason for 2018 caution on the sector, after all, on Nov. 21.

But other items like the yield curve and the 2yr vs. the Fed Funds rate are fine at this time; benevolent for risk ‘on’ and Goldilocks for now. I feel pretty well tuned up after this work.

nftrh 476

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