It’s Good to Know Who and What You Are

A big thank you to all of the NFTRH subscribers who took the time to take me up on a request for feedback. With yesterday’s 75 page report and the input of a now former subscriber that the report was too long and detailed for his investing style, I thought it was time to see if I may be working harder and longer only to antagonize the people reading my premium work. That folks, would not be a good recipe for success. Duh…

Well, one gentlemen thought it would be a good idea to reduce the content focused on speculative securities in favor of the macro work, but literally every other response in so many words said keep it as is. It is an easy read because well, I am a chart guy and there are lots of those. Charts of markets, sectors, stocks, bonds, indicators, you name it.

“Continuous Improvement” was a buzz phrase from back when I worked in the real, nuts & bolts economy. Except that as a business person, it has got to be gospel, not a buzz phrase. At least that is my view. It worked well then and why the hell would it not work well now? People do really like that NFTRH now has a table of contents for easy reference to specific areas of interest and that the ‘Wrap Up’ summary is near the beginning of the report now, not the end.

But aside from those improvements (the happy result of previous subscriber feedback) we continue on as usual, always with an eye toward improvement but now not encumbered by worry that I may be antagonizing the whole of the subscriber base by putting us all through so much work. As noted a couple of weeks ago, it’s not for day traders, stock momos, casino patrons and carnival barkers. But it is what it is and it’s improving whenever I see an opportunity; but one thing it is not going to do is change in any fundamental way.

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