Dear Prospective Subscribers…

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Do yourself and me a favor. If you’re going to view this as a stock pick service or evaluate performance within the span of a couple or few weeks don’t waste your time with a subscription.

NFTRH is a macro service that will generally catch bottoms (like 2016), tops (like 2015) and hone risk vs. reward at other times. It will evaluate indicators and market dynamics and there will be significant periods of time when I am getting caught up in the slack tide of the markets and not performing particularly well personally, portfolio wise, on a week to week basis.

In short, this is also not a day trading entity and this period of time, which we’ve noted as both bullish and high risk, has been particularly difficult to get a short-term handle on. Markets are ready when they are ready and we should not try to will them to be one way or another.

There are plenty of day trading systems and stock hog callers out there if that is what might work better for you. Meanwhile, we are going to work the trends, the risk profile, the macro themes and seek to find the next big trends when trading can be minimized, not maximized.

Thank you for your attention.