Gold Miners

We had a pre-market update showing some nice, neat buy areas for both GDX and GDXJ. They make sense from what has been a short-term bearish perspective (they are lower than current levels) and a long-term bullish looking setup. We’re talking technicals here, because the funda are a mess. But you know these markets; that can change in a nano. Anyway, another thing about the … Continue reading Gold Miners


NFTRH; Dialing in the Gold Miner Buy Zone

For we gold bugs in the NFTRH sphere, let’s have a specific update on a subject that is hitting my inbox a lately; a potential buy area for the miners. Apparently CNBC is making fun of gold, analysts of different types (systems, EW, cycles… ) are bullish, no bearish, no bullish… dohhh. It is tax loss selling season and the sector seems all but forgotten … Continue reading NFTRH; Dialing in the Gold Miner Buy Zone