Operation Twist by Another Name and Method?

The TIP/IEF ‘inflation gauge’ is still motoring upward after breaking above the SMA 200. If this turns the 200 up along with the MA 50 it could indicate a mini hysteria about inflation. The problem lately has been that the longest duration bonds have been relatively strong, putting a cap on yields and inflationary signaling, if not indicating deflationary pressure. TIP/TLT has not nearly kept … Continue reading Operation Twist by Another Name and Method?

NFTRH 474 Out Now

Out yesterday, actually. Just able to get to the promo now. #474 does all the usual updating of US and global markets, along with a focus on Medical Device industry fundamentals and hybrid precious metals/resources streamer Franco-Nevada. We also tighten up the gold sector’s macro fundamentals to daily, as opposed to weekly views in order to be right on the pulse. Much more to boot. … Continue reading NFTRH 474 Out Now