Uncle Buck’s Status

Still in the bottoming pattern, but now making a move on the neckline. By now the machines have probably picked up on this and they are talking to each other. Planning our demise or otherwise. All I know is that I am still long a boat load of Uncle Buck. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for an in-depth weekly market report, interim updates and NFTRH+ chart … Continue reading Uncle Buck’s Status


NFTRH; Relative Sectors Amid Yield Backdrop

As we wait to see if yesterday’s interest rate signal is confirmed as the beginning of the countdown to the 10yr & 30yr limit points (2.9% +/- & 3.3% +/-, respectively) I’d like to update how the US sectors are doing. But first a couple of notes… If yields close the week in breakout mode per the charts in yesterday’s public post, it would go … Continue reading NFTRH; Relative Sectors Amid Yield Backdrop