So okay, the market is bullish. You know it, I know it, and the bullishness is global (i.e. not an “amazing” American thing as touted by the pumper-in-chief…

trump tweets

That is about the only account I actually look at on Twitter and I don’t even look at it all that often.

I prefer the market-intensive StockTwits, where I also link my posts as well of those of Biiwii authors. Yesterday a post by Callum Thomas called Weekly Sentiment Survey: Red Flag was met with this response. You know what? He’s right. As of 7:25 US ET on Tuesday morning it does not matter. I’ve rubbed out the author’s handle for privacy.


So I took a look at the profile as I do keep an eye on the various Twits for sentiment indications. This account joined StockTwits, which is a venue featuring some really savvy professionals as well, in April. It’s robo Twitting bullish and doing it with pure unadulterated confidence.


And the author is right. I was right back in 1999 too, when I was appropriately in avoidance mode of the dot.coms and the internet hype but thought that the guts and infrastructure behind it, optical networking, was the place to be. Well, JDSU, JNPR and CIEN all got destroyed as well. I learned a big lesson in 2000. I carry my lessons (actually part of my bias, which has to be moderated in the shorter-terms) forever.

The bottom line of this post is my thesis that a new breed of investor has come into the market and he is following his dear leader because now it is safe to come out and play now that the evil socialist regime that was taxing and regulating us to death is gone. From NFTRH 469…

The US stock market is flat out bullish, and we have a president who blatantly pumps the formerly “false” stock market that campaigner Trump used to ascribe to the Fed’s money pumping. Now it is exhibiting “unprecedented growth since the election”. Of course da boyz is extrapolating tax cuts that will benefit corporate America and rollbacks of Obama era regulations. That is all indeed good for the market and the economy.

It’s as good as it gets.

The US Stock Market’s “Unprecedented growth since the election”

Folks, we are not going to play the role of denier of the bullish stock market, endlessly complaining about its underpinnings (as campaigner Trump was doing while we simply got bullish in summer of 2016). As long as the market stays bullish we need to respect that and if so inclined, be on that side of the trade.

But there is something wrong here when a guy robo-tweets about an “unprecedented” stock rally (that isn’t) and employment reports that were “fake” before but are real now.

trum rally

Also from NFTRH 469…

I see all too many posts made in the image of the president’s belligerent and overly simplified confidence that the stock market is reflecting a new era in America. So how does that square with the fact that this stock bull has long since morphed from an American thing to a global thing?

It’s 2000… with a Twist (and a hell of a lot of new Twits!).

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