No Longer “Killing Everything”… and That Means Something

I am replacing the little subscriber promo on the right side bar. It had read…

“You are absolutely fucking killing everything. Great job.” –Joe F 9.19.17

Going back in that spot is one that I found more appropriate to NFTRH’s normal mode…

“Gary, Before NFTRH I used to feel a bit like Agent Starling in Buffalo Bill’s basement after the lights went out.  Thanks for turning on the lights.” –John M 11.24.14

Before I started “killing everything” (actually, just killing most things for an enjoyable phase) I had noted to subscribers that things had felt ‘heavy’ and that trades were not really working out in any kind of pleasant fashion. So the best I could do was to raise cash and not fight it. Then, along came the “killing everything” phase like we’ve all experienced from time to time.

But now, I am feeling less brilliant (trick wording; I never was) and am raising cash to keep gains and insofar as I’m participating in the market, which I am, I’ll lean more on sectors and global markets instead of individual stocks. And that includes the miners where just last week KL, BTG and SSRM apparently did not act the way they were supposed to (again, trick wording; there are no supposed to’s here).

I think a big part of this racket is to know when you’re not going well and to realize you never were as smart as your profits implied and that without adjustments, the market sure will make you dumb at its leisure and timing, not yours (or mine, anyway).

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