NFTRH; Update on Gold Stocks

I’ve been watching the HUI/Gold ratio this week as it refused to break down amid the recent bearish price activity and is now looking constructive. Here is the GDX/GLD version for an in-day view. The ratio had every excuse to break down as the miners and gold dropped and silver got hammered. Instead we are left with slightly up turned moving averages with the ratio … Continue reading NFTRH; Update on Gold Stocks

Some Key Market Internals…

If I put some of the ‘internals’ items covered routinely in weekend reports here for public consumption once in a while subscribers can still easily reference them as well. This allows me to shorten the Market Internals segment, leaving more room for market strategy type stuff in the report. And with yield dynamics and USD in play, it’s time to increase the strategy stuff, whether … Continue reading Some Key Market Internals…

nftrh plus

NFTRH+; Canadian O&G Company, Noted in NFTRH 467

Enerplus was noted to be on watch in NFTRH 467. Below is the weekly chart from the Global Stock Markets segment. ERF is testing the breakout above the trend line and settling into a support area after stopping at the 2016 high, which we noted to be the gateway for this stock to go bullish (which would then load a target of around 18). Assuming … Continue reading NFTRH+; Canadian O&G Company, Noted in NFTRH 467

What to Make of NFP -33,000?

Non Farm Payrolls printed a negative number for the first time since 2010. Of course the Hurricanes are in there to large degree but still, it’s a worse number than I for one, expected. Here’s the full report from BLS (just click the headline)… Leisure & Hospitality suffered thusly… “Employment in food services and drinking places dropped sharply in September (-105,000), as many workers were … Continue reading What to Make of NFP -33,000?