Would-be Top Caller Trumpets Again…

As more market segments weaken, including those not benefiting due to his unfulfilled promises, the Tweet machine at the White House continues to tempt the market godz.

trump tweet

Christ, maybe that is why he’s a billionaire and I am just a market writer. He’s got some balls on him. At some point I am going to turn him into an official as opposed to unofficial market indicator. I’ll name it and everything.

He is obviously speaking to an audience not overly sophisticated on markets or economics. This is like loud mouthed boasting and in markets, folks, you just don’t do that unless you are a creepy pitch man like… you know who they are. You stay humble before the market lest it rip you a new one.

True story… I have mentioned in the past that I am a Boston driver through and through. Yes, that is as negative as it sounds. I mean, I try to be respectful and often do courtesies for other drivers. But once in a while I slip up and get overly aggressive. That happened this afternoon as I made a poor judgement call in traffic and cut a guy off. I immediately knew I screwed up and said well, I guess I deserve this Jeep Cherokee with Texas plates up my ass.

Then he kept riding my bumper and I’m like ‘okay, I get it man… ‘ until finally we pulled up to a red light. He pulled up in the lane next to me and stopped. I’m like, ‘you know what you’re gonna do Gary? Something you’ve never done before in such a conflict; you’re going to admit fault and an error in judgement’. I am actually working on being more mindful and conscious as I go about life’s daily grind.

Anyway, he’s glaring at me and I rolled down my passenger’s side window to apologize and he starts with the lunatic stuff, much of which I couldn’t make out but I did catch ‘just cause you got a nice car you think you can… !!??!!’ Yelling and screaming and not letting me get a word in edgewise.

First off, it’s not as nice a car as you might think, given his focus on it. It’s okay; a hand me down (from my wife who no longer wanted to drive a stick shift) Audi. Anyway, I am trying to get a word in edgewise to simply say “you are right, I made an error in judgment” but before I could he sped off, having given his piece of mind (or whatever that was) to the man.

I was like, you dumb ass I am trying to apologize. But off he went and I’m thinking… ‘Tump voter’ (whether real or imagined). Now, feel free to turn me off (if you didn’t already after the election) if you are said Trump voter and you are still in gung ho mode. But it reminded me of the tone deafness surrounding the fearless leader.