Trump: A Top Call or Just Another Signpost Along the Way?

He is so insecure that he is actually pumping the Dow, yet he’s mum on Tech, Transports, Semiconductors, Materials and especially… Healthcare?

trump tweet

The president of the United States of America has nothing better to do than take to Twitter and pump himself up on these 30 stocks?

Okay, so Apple has not buckled under Trump’s fairy story about re-sourcing cheap labor to the US, and Merk and Pfizer have not buckled under Trump’s promise to rein in all that Pharma pricing chicanery, and big tech like Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others will not suffer… whatever it was that the original, post-election hype had implied big Tech would suffer due to a Trump admin.

Congratulations Trump. You are touting an index of components, half of which you are breaking campaign promises against. It’s pretty funny actually and it sort of makes me want this mess to drop now. Regardless, the thing remains in an uptrend and this boastful man is going to keep letting us know it as long as it remains the case. The market has dealt with worse contrary indicators than this along the way.

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