A Strange Day

Brokerage Account: Overwhelmingly long… Green Roth IRA Account: 100% long… Green Trading Account: 100% short… Green And no, I am not bragging because if I were to do that you know and I know that the market would kick my ass tomorrow for thinking I am smart. Just noting the oddity and rarity of a day like this. A couple of the GDXJ rebalancing things … Continue reading A Strange Day


NFTRH; New Multi Panel Gold Miner Chart Added

A subscriber asked me to look at the charts of KGC and IAG, two established gold miners. When I saw the daily charts looking fairly bullish, I realized it was time to create another multi-stock chart. So here for your reference is another to go with the ones we already have in place. This one is populated by established miners. KGC has broken out above … Continue reading NFTRH; New Multi Panel Gold Miner Chart Added