NFTRH; New Multi Panel Gold Miner Chart Added

A subscriber asked me to look at the charts of KGC and IAG, two established gold miners. When I saw the daily charts looking fairly bullish, I realized it was time to create another multi-stock chart. So here for your reference is another to go with the ones we already have in place. This one is populated by established miners.

KGC has broken out above the February high and is bullish as long as that holds. I would not rule out a test of the SMA 50, however.

AEM is constructive above the SMA 50, GOLD looks bullish as it too is on a tentative breakout, IAG is constructive above the SMA 50 and NEM is wallowing along the lows but in already having tested the December lows and possibly getting above the SMA 50, it bears watching.

Really, it’s just an excuse to get this new chart in front of you for reference.

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