3 Little Bears

Want to see some different flavors of bearish? Well here they are.

The Financials are dropping to the neckline of a bearish pattern once again. I am already short (via FAZ) as noted in NFTRH. But that is a technical jumping of the gun since support has not been lost. The measurement is to around 21 if the neckline fails.

A side note here is that when long-term interest rates start to rise again – and they will, eventually – this sector stands to gain. So I am using it as something of an early warning to current bear potentials and future bull potentials.


Here is another one getting bearish, which I shorted yesterday (using TZA). Again, this is technical gun jumping, but when you manage portfolios as opposed to day trade little things called ‘relative bearish’ and hedging (longs) come into play.


As for the final bear, I continue to be outright short this mess as it remains firmly in an ongoing downtrend. I covered the short in crude oil already, but the DBC position is one I’ll hold for a lower low.


Things 1 & 2 are not yet confirmed, but Thing 3 is confirmed bearish and may be leading other things in this generally high risk market.

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