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Nothing against the lady in question; I am sure she made a good call on the market last summer.  But something against the MSM (as usual) due to their stupid, promotional and click-baiting headline…

Don’t lose faith in stocks, according to THE analyst who called the rally last summer

It’s not her fault that CNBC invited her to impart her views, and she did not write the headline.  But wouldn’t ‘Don’t lose faith in stocks, according to one of a minority of analysts who called the rally last summer’ be more appropriate?  Sure, but it does not have the pizazz, now does it?  Got to always transfix the casual observer with bullshit, eh MSM?  Get ’em to click!

For reference, there were at least 2 of us bullish last summer.  Here is a post from July 18, 2016 that included an NFTRH excerpt…

More on the ‘Breadth Thrust’ and Market Internals

Taking into account internals and sentiment, we made the following conclusion…

“But beyond the short-term, the view remains flat out bullish. Beyond the intermediate-term? These are the policy stoked modern financial markets and I do not have a positive view beyond the intermediate-term. Too many distortions and variables.”

The market consolidated into the election at which point we remained bullish due to, you guessed it, over bearish sentiment.  Then the ‘Trump Trade’ took over and as you see headlines associated with today’s bearish market events (thinking something like ‘Dow plunges on Healthcare-fueled fears that Trump Trade will unwind’) popping up you might want to consider that this too was readable well ahead of time; and not just by “the analyst who… “ click bait subjects.  See…

Peak Trump (from March 7, for which I was flamed at various biased corners of the internet)

[edit] I just noticed that she “predicted” SPX to 2400 last summer.  She beat me by 10 points.  I should have rounded down last summer.  Anyway, good job Katie; but beware the stink of the MSM.

[edit] Final note: Other than a much-needed correction (of a degree of intensity yet to be determined) the market is fully intact.  When the media start selling fear monger headlines, well, you know the drill.

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