Gold-Silver Ratio 1.5 Weeks Later

On February 27 we had a post highlighting Keith Weiner’s positive fundamental view for gold and silver and his target for the gold-silver ratio.  As noted in the post, “the fundamental calculations conflict with my [then] guarded stance on the metals” but I felt that the target on the gold-silver ratio (GSR) was highly doable.  Here’s the progress using GLD-SLV.  The GSR is gapping its way toward the target area of the Q4 2016 highs.

gld-slv ratio

In perfect unison with this is the commodity complex getting hammered and of course silver and gold taking it on the chin.  So too are aspects of the ‘Trump Trade’ and various other items speculated upon as a result of the great fiscal reflation trade, courtesy of Trump’s election.  By the way, check out IKN’s post highlighting Brent Cook’s interview with Kitco’s Daniela; the man is always a pleasure to listen to.  He also sees Trump as “unstable” and publicly states so, which gives him extra points.

Back on topic, here are some pictures of pumped up ‘reflation’ items now either tanking or wobbling.  Any gold bug who advised investing in miners because of inflation – and I am talking to you first and foremost, Stewart – is now once again having to answer to the market godz.

[edit] Right on cue comes Heisenberg:  So Yeeahhh… About That Reflation Thing






And last but not least, ground zero for Canadian speculation…


And ground zero for US speculation…


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