A Look at US Yields

Amid the ongoing ‘crashing interest rates!’ hysterics, NFTRH 403 noted the following about the 2 year yield…

“US 2 year yields are at the trend line. Be careful here in automatically assuming they will break down.”

Here is the updated chart…


Not to say rates will not break down, but it is to say that the 2 year yield has trended down for all of 2016, but has not broken the post-2012 up trend.  That’s a fact, and $UST2y has held the trend line so far this week.

I know many people want stock picks or some chart doofus pretending he can interpret charts at better than a 50/50 odds, but the indicators (straight, like the above, weirder ones like Silver/Gold’s message, sentiment, etc.) are important and this is a service that serves them up regularly, along with all the doofus stuff like stocks, markets and charts.  :-)

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