Silver-Gold Ratio on a Signal

I read a lot of crap out there where some guru will put cute tidbits in his writing like ‘my subscribers were the first to know about blah blah blah and paid for their yearly subscription with this trade I recommended, blah blah blah…’

I hate those things because they are so heavy handedly promotional as to forget to mention the clunkers and to assume the reader is a dumb ass. I once projected HUI to 888!  I also make other errors and a hell of a lot of good projections too.  This one is still on track to be a good one.

So I’ll just note that NFTRH subscribers got an update (now public) in real time as silver was starting to make its move vs. gold.  They – and I am sure a good portion of you, dear website readers – know the implications since I have been beating us all over the head about the contrarian inflationary setup for weeks now.  Here are how the charts settled out today.

A new recovery high in the daily Silver-Gold ratio…


A solid move above the bear market limiter, the weekly EMA 80.


If the Tin Hat Brigade’s ‘Team Evil Cabal’ somehow does not manage to blow silver up tomorrow, it will close the week in furtherance of our preferred theme, which is the coming of an inflation phase and associated trades, which for the gold obsessives out there, will include much more than gold stocks.

All of this as the world sits in Treasury bonds and global NIRP garbage.  Perfect.  More and more it is looking like Brexit may have been an exclamation point.

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