Resource ‘Promotion’ Season in Full Swing

There is nobody like Otto at IKN for uncovering the pigs who live off of scaring and titillating gullible or inexperienced people looking to get rich off of their recommendations.  Ha ha ha, recommendations.  Otto has tracked Casey Research calls that just drop and drop and then drop some more and as noted last week, the pump in AAU with the Stansberry recommendations.

I got rid of PVG (which was also recommended along w/ AAU and others) with a ‘thank you Porter!’ and today sold the majority of SBB.TO, not knowing why it rammed +40% on no news [edit] I heard from 2 subscribers that John Doody and BNN, reputable sources each, may have mentioned SBB favorably.  But on the odd chance it’s another Vancouver boiler room style operation, I took the money and put it into a much less shall we say, dynamic situation, and a recommendation by an actual quality analyst I can trust (the aforementioned Otto, as it happens).

Anyway, now we’ve got this Resource Maven working with some other clown.  Read not only the linked post, but also Otto’s previous post linked within it.  I swear these people thrive because they are so good at marketing, promotion and establishing contacts.  Ooh, she wrote about mining stocks in Northern Miner for 7 years?  She must be in the know.  These people are in the know alright; they tend know each other and they tend to know how to wash one hand and then the other.  They also know their target audiences.

There are sometimes large networks, and as I mentioned in this article (Deprogram Yourself) before any of these recent pumps started bubbling up, they employ lots of people to make regular people think they are authoritative, honest and well, good at what they do.  They are good at what they do, but generally what they do is in their interest.

I used to be an angrier (and maybe funnier) blogger than I am now.  You can either progress and evolve or you can get hung up, spewing bile and hating the world.  I choose Thing 1, but sometimes I want to do Thing 2, especially after reading some of what Otto uncovers.  It’s disgusting, but apparently very successful or there would not be entire organizations and networks doing it.

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