Pumping AAU and More

Well, last week I knew I smelled a rat in AAU and today I found out Otto at IKN has uncovered a big, dirty rodent infesting not only AAU, but also PVG (sold half yesterday, not knowing about Stansberry) and SLW (bought on Monday also not knowing about the pump) and a list of others.

PVG is closing in on the target of 7, so I am selling with a nice profit, a ‘thank you Porter’ and moving on.  SLW is not one I am overly concerned about because even a well coordinated pump is unlikely to move the needle too much on a stock like that.

Anyway, go read Otto’s post in the event you have not already.  He’s really good at exposing certain vermin to the light of day and the smell of fresh air.

When this thing unwinds, people who followed this research are going to get killed.


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