Sometimes We Win, Other Times…

Sometimes we win, other times we lose and still other times we sit there and think ‘Oh #%$@&!!!!, why did I nickel and dime this thing yesterday in trying to get a bid to fill?  #$@!&# damn me all to hell!’

I did exactly that latter thing with AAU yesterday as it had settled down toward the SMA 200 but was still at a higher low.  It never filled.  That’s show biz.  I swear I was just looking at Morgan Poliquin’s handsome face yesterday in an interview and highlight of Ixtaca.


What is also show biz is when widely read newsletter guys go recommending these things and they fly on the wings of a million dreamers.  That happened to me once years ago in a happy way with AAU, as Brent Cook went bullish on it in his newsletter while I already held it.

Today I am not sure what’s going on.  No news, so the odds are it could be a NL guy.  If that ends up being the case it’ll settle back down eventually as the momos come out of it.  If it’s fundamental news that somehow leaked, well…

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