Bounce Vehicle #4 Sold (MYGN)

It was an adorable little pattern on a quality stock that got beat up post-earnings for some reason.  Taking 7% and this leaves only one bounce vehicle (medical device company…

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Bounce Vehicle #3 Sold (IDTI)

It's got higher to go to reach the 50 day averages and is not over bought, but in keeping with the recent theme, I sold IDTI (as w/ MSCC and…

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While at near-term risk, the gold sector is launching, not blowing off Okay, the title of the post is a bit of a joke at this late stage of the…

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Bounce Vehicle #2 Sold (FARO)

Considering I did something that is very difficult for me (momo'd FARO after its good earnings report as it popped and pulled back in-day) I am taking my chips in…

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Employment by Industry

Ref. BLS Employment Situation (+242,000, unemployment @ 4.9%) for February. The theme remains unchanged as the relatively strong dollar continued to pressure people who make things and mine things and…

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