Bounce Vehicle #2 Sold (FARO)

Considering I did something that is very difficult for me (momo’d FARO after its good earnings report as it popped and pulled back in-day) I am taking my chips in Faro, a company that I have loved since my days as a potential customer of theirs.*

So ‘stock market bounce’ vehicle #2 provides a nice profit of 15% that I am going to book here at the 200 day moving average.  This joins MSCC in the ‘booked’ category.


I had/have a suspicion about the US manufacturing sector that its death has been greatly exaggerated.  But the state of inflation and the US dollar will further prove or disprove that story going forward.  For now, until the market’s technicals prove otherwise, it is on a (rapidly maturing) bounce.  I am profit taking.

* I did not end up buying Faro’s multi-axis Coordinate Measuring Machine only because it was overkill for our needs.  But boy was I tempted.

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