Deflation Phase to Expire When…

Copper has a long-standing target of 1.50/lb.  That is the marker that would take the “copper is very bearish, technically” out of the equation.

copper monthly chart

Might 30 bucks a barrel contain the crude oil crash?  Could casino patrons imagine $30 back when the promotion was in full swing?  Slim Pickins for T Boone Pickens for the last 7 years, and still the MSM seeks the clown out.  Speaking of commodity gurus, has anyone seen Jim “I’m teaching my baby girl Mandarin” Rogers lately?

wtic, crude oil monthly chart

There are so many indicators far and wide that will help us be the first to successfully play the new inflation phase.  They will be found among other commodities and ratios and they will be signaled by spreads in the bond market.  But the big daddy indicator of them all will probably be the silver-gold ratio, which could take a final spike down with copper, etc.

silver-gold ratio monthly chart

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