2 Stocks, 1 Kop

Since the October decline, into which I had some profitable short trades and out of which I had some profitable bull ones, the stock market has gone mostly sideways in what I have called the ‘Swing’ market (swing baby, swing batter!).

Within this ongoing jagged whipsaw I had some okay trades and some not okay trades, but more good ones than bad ones.  Lately however, I have gone full frontal Keystone Kop in my own trading with some ups and some downs, with the downs very lately taking the upper hand.  I have received the market’s message and backed off until I can get a handle on at least intermediate trends to come.

Here is a fine example of the good and the bad, all in the same time frame.  DEPO good, SIMO bad.  One giveth and the other taketh away (as I tried to out think my own chart and did not obey the limit parameter, which was a trend line).  That’s show biz and it’s also yet another learning experience.  Despite committing to trading and profit taking/loss limiting during this jagged phase, I ignored that ‘just this once?’ on SIMO, and paid for it.


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