Small Bounce in Orders

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Courtesy of EDA, here is the data graphic showing a small bounce in Machine Tool sales in March…


As well as in equipment for multiple industries…


It’s not a big deal yet, but we are now on a theme that could include another economic pop as USD continues to correct, after near perfectly working the theme that called for economic weakness in the face of the strengthening dollar.

I am just looking for a potential pop or a false dawn.  The economic trend has been gently down for some time now.  Also, it is not as simple as monkey see Uncle Buck correct monkey plan for strong economy.  But it’s a component, for sure.

Let’s see how GDP comes in this week, Payrolls next week and of course what the amalgam of Good Cops and Bad Cops meeting this week have to say.  They can be telling in their tenor because their economists are not stupid, I don’t think.

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