FXI Launch Not Taking NFTRH Subscribers by Surprise

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While featuring good calls that I have failed to personally take advantage of (can’t buy everything and my focus has been on Biotech and Specialty Pharma for available risk funds), here is another one.  Using the associated index FXT, we have been chronicling the China 25’s attempted and actualized breakout for months now.


Also, last week NFTRH 337 included a chart of FXT vs. SPX and “Buy FXI, short SPY could work for those who like to do pairs.”


There is no way a conservative sort like me is going to take all the ideas that I dig up (there’s literally a world full of ’em).  But in receiving an email from a subscriber (concerned about when to take profit) who bought this chart in the 41’s based on NFTRH’s ongoing view, I am satisfied that people are getting good ideas on which to consider taking action.


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