FXI Launch Not Taking NFTRH Subscribers by Surprise

While featuring good calls that I have failed to personally take advantage of (can't buy everything and my focus has been on Biotech and Specialty Pharma for available risk funds),…

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NFTRH+; Lithium & REE’s

You may recall that ‘outlier’ commodities Lithium and REE’s took off together earlier in the year and the advice was that if you are a “Lithium head” (or REE head) it would be best to wait for a pullback.


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A Cup of SIMO

I am not going to pretend to be a great trader.  Sometimes I do very well and other times, not so much.  Then are times like with Silicon Motion, a…

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Emerging Markets Break Resistance

We noted in NFTRH 337 that the EM's were attempting to break through resistance.  While this is just short-term stuff (longer-term charts remain neutral at best) the first 3 days…

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