USD and Euro

I’ll let you extrapolate for yourself based on the theme; with the theme being that 2 major currencies at the heart of so many current trends are ripe for reversal.  Uncle Buck, step up and take a bow…

I know I can sound like a smart Alec, but we did manage the coming of the USD rally on its bottom and breakout last summer.  Now the whole world (why, even this hedge fund manager) knows about it.


In the mirror there is the Euro, dropping toward a very big picture trend line at 105 +/-.  It is not shown on this daily chart, but it is there and the Euro has become over sold as it approaches.


Just a quick post from your friends at NFTRH not asking you to catch falling knives or try to time big reversals of trends that have been impulsively in force for months.  But rather, just asking you to keep perspective because as the link above shows, the mainstream media are on the job and everybody seems to have the same perception of the Fed right now.

The whole world is on one side of the macro boat.